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This project was a 19.5' Caledonia Yawl designed by Ian Oughtred. He is from the Isle of Skye in Scotland which is also where my own scottish forebearers hail from. I have a grand daughter name Isla so the boat is named "Isle 'a' Skye" The design is a double-ended yawl.

This was the third and largest boat undertaken to date. Its progress was interrupted several times for various reasons including Covid.

The build was also slowed by my obsession to make it pretty much self-rescuing and at the same time create as much storage as possible for camp cruising. This required the creation of 12 independent tanks, one each in the bow and stern, and five each along each side under the seat and full deck. In effect, the cockpit is surrounded entirely by these buoyancy/storage tanks and yet still has plenty of seating and room for several adults. The tanks not only provide a lot of dry storage space but should provide enough buoyancy in the event of a capsize so that righting the boat after a capsize results in a boat that is not still swamped with water and is again ready to be occupied and sailed.

Other ways in which this build departed from the open boat plans provided by designer Oughtred are as follows:

  • Eliminated the aft-protruding Boomkin spar used to sheet the mizzen sprit sail by changing to a gaff mizzen sail which allows sheeting on the rudder head itself and I believe improves the boat's overall appearance.

  • The aforementioned 12 Buoyancy Tanks not only provide safety and strength but also provided ample dry storage.

  • Raised all-around Canvas Deck for comfortable standing/ seating/ hiking with Open Rail while retaining lower row Interior Bench Seating.

  • Option for full Rope Steering or Norwegian tiller.

  • Spring-loaded Partner Toggles for easier main mast raising and lowering.

The boat was shown at the August 2021 Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT in the Concours d' Elegance category where it received an Honorable Mention Award.

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