After three sailboats, I decided it was time to try something different -- a stinkpot  -- in this case a 19' 9" Albury Runabout outboard. This boat originally built by site by the Albury Brothers in the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas for the purpose of working among the islands. It has gained a solid reputation as a well built all around boat small utility outboard. The boats were all originally made of heavy local woods, but that was changed to fiberglass in the 60's/70's and which they are still made of today in several different sizes.

Twenty some years ago Doug Hylan of Maine visited the brothers in the Bahamas and got permission to draw up the basic hull and publish the plans for sale through the Wooden Boat store which is where I got them and where I got the plans for the sailboats I have built. Unlike the sailboat plans, these plans did not contain plans for the moulds. Therefore, I needed to spend some time recently figuring out how to loft enough of the plans to be able create plans for the moulds myself. I have finally completed that and now have the moulds in place on a building frame. Those moulds and frame are shown below.

To my knowledge all of these boats have been built with carvel planking and the plans call for that. My plan is to build it with epoxy plywood lapstrake planking as I did on the three sailboats. That decision has led to some indecision about what thickness of plywood I should use for this build. The three sailboats were 1/4" and 3/8" planked and the heaviest boat, the Caledonia Yawl weighed around 600#. The designed displacement for this outboard in 2400# which means everything about this boat is much heavier than the very light sailboats. Currently, I thinking that the plywood will be between 1/2" and 3/4" but haven't settled on anything yet.